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Orders must go through FBAAdam@fbastores.com

Fulfillment by Adam was designed for FBA Stores Diamond Students to eliminate the packaging, labeling, and shipping from your products to Amazon. We do the hard work so that you focus on sourcing more product and negotiating deals for your store. Our goal is to receive your product and get it shipped to Amazon with 2 business days. Below are the requirements in order to qualify for Fulfillment By Adam.

Fulfillment By Adam Requirements

  • All orders must be processed completely through fulfillmentbyadam.com.
  • All products must have an ASIN and listing already created in Amazon before shipping the inventory to our facility.
  • Products must be ready for Amazon fulfillment regarding packaging, excluding poly-bagging and labeling.
  • No inventory can be stored in any of our facilities.
  • No unfulfillable, stranded, or suppressed inventory can be shipped to our facility.
  • No liquidated products are allowed to be shipped by Fulfillment by Adam.
  • Where Amazon will charge you $0.20 per item, FBA Adam has no cost (FREE) to use its service.
  • You are to fill out the Fulfillment by Adam form below before sending products to our Boston facility.
  • There is a minimum of 10 units per ASIN.
  • If products are sent without your Personal Name labeled on the box then there will be a $50.00 charge. Your products will be on hold for 30 days. If you exceed the 30 day period, you order will be canceled. FBA Adam will try and contact you by whatever information we have. If we do not know who the product belongs to, we have no other option then to cancel them after 30 days.

Failure to follow these policies will result in further fees, returning of product, and refusal of future product.

If you have further questions, please contact FBAAdam@fbastores.com or 888-410-9697 and ask for Fulfillment By Adam.

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    Please ship all products to:

    FBA Adam/(Student Name)
    293 Libbey Industrial Parkway, Ste. 150
    Weymouth, MA 02189
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