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Contact : 888 - 410 - 9697 Support

Q: When will my bonus inventory be uploaded to my store?

A: Once you have paid for atleast ½ of your coaching program then our bonus department will be working with you and our vendor to get your order fulfilled. You should expect to hear from our bonus department very soon.

Q: How do I order more inventory?

A: FBA Stores does not have any inventory for sale but some of our partner suppliers are www.BuyBoxWholesale.com, www.WorldWholesaleDirect.com & www.indotradingusa.com  that you can contact and source deals through.

Q: Is there a list of suppliers for sourcing products?

A: If your a coaching student login to www.fbamembersarea.com and you can view the list under the Wholesale tab. You can also find wholesalers in the FBA Stores members area and the fbahangout members area.

Q: How do I get access to FBAhangouts.com?

A: Once you have registered on www.fbahangout.com then you will be able to create your own login and password. If you didn’t receive login access then contact customer support and they can assist you.

Q: Do I have to pay for FBAhangouts or is it free with the package I got?

A: Diamond students get access to the FBA Hangout with their coaching package. You can sign at www.fbahangout.com and you’ll receive a free 1 month free trial to test it out.

Q: How do I join the Facebook group?

A: If you are a coaching student you can request to join the group

Q: How soon will I make my money back?

A: Making your money back is solely dependant on the amount you invest into product. Running an amazon store is just like running a retail store and it’s all based on how much product is for sale in your store and the prices you buy them at

Q: What is the difference between FBA [meaning FBA stores] vs FBA [Amazon]

A: FBA Stores is a company that trains people on how to build their Amazon business. FBA Amazon is “Fulfillment By Amazon” Warehouse.

Q: Who else can I purchase products from besides FBA stores?

A: FBA Stores doesn’t sell product but you can take the approach of finding wholesalers through the wholesale list on the www.fbamembersarea.com We recommend retail arbitrage. This is covered in coaching session 4 on Sourcing Product. Download profit bandit for $10 a month and go to discount stores where you can scan items using that app to find out Amazon fees. Don’t forget heavier / bigger items cost more in shipping.

Q: Who do I process my bonus order through?

You can contact Bonus.Product@fbastores.com and they can assist you.

Q: How soon can I hit my financial goal?

A: Hitting your financial goal is up to you because you have to put the work in. We have a chart that predicts your profits based on your own dedication and the amount you invest into product. Purchasing inventory is all dependant on the money you’ll make.

Q: Who can I talk to about getting a refund?

A: Oh normally we don’t take those but you can contact coaching@fbastores.com or call the coaching hotline and someone can submit your request to the right department.

Q: Why should I go to the trade show?

A: Trade shows are the best place to find wholesale sellers for your amazon store. Our CEOs are usually in attendance as well. You can pick their brain, as well as many of our success stories.

Q: Where are all the warehouse locations for FBA stores?

A: We have warehouses in Las Vegas and Boston.

Q: Who do I talk to for the warehouse visit in Boston?

A: You can email office.visit@fbastores.com

Q: I need replacement for items I cannot list, who can help me with this?

A: You’ll need to contact our bonus department at bonus.product@fbastores.com

Q: What is your cost to label products for me through FBA Adam?

A: Only Diamond student can utilize FBA Adam and the cost is $0.20 per unit to label products.

Q: What do I do with products being unsellable?

A: We recommend you run some coupon codes or discount the items on your Amazon store. You can even run some advertising to the products to help boost the ranks of the listings to get the products sold quicker. Also definately setup an eBay account so you can promote your items on eBay and Amazon will even fulfill the items that you sell on your eBay account.

Q: What's the difference between category approved vs brand approval?

A: Category approval is for all products in a category which you can get ungated in and be eligable to sell those products. Brand approval is specific to a certain brand which requires you to go through applying to sell that specific brand on Amazon.

Q: Once Amazon receives and counts my inventory, what do I personally do thereafter?

A: You will just need to adjust prices, answer messages, and prepare for your next order.

Q: How do I calculate shipping fees?

A: Shipping costs are all determined based on how many pieces you are sending to amazon and how heavy your boxes are. Their is no calculator that tells you what things cost this comes from hands on experience but some advice I can give you is ship a large quantity of goods at once (100+ items) so your cost per piece is under $0.15. When you send small quantity then you’ll experience higher costs per piece.

Q: How do I handle my taxes?

A: There’s a video on the FBA Members Area that shows you how to keep track of your taxes. If you are interested in having us help you get an entity setup then we have tax specialist that I can refer you to.

Q: What's the process of refunding a customer Merchant Fulfilled?

A: You want the customer to send the product back and once you receive the item and inspect it you can go into the order and process the refund on your seller central. You decide whether you’ll deduct shipping costs or if you’re going to reward the customer a full refund including shipping.

Q: When Amazon's fulfills products and customer requests refunds, do I have a say in it?

A: Amazon will provide customer service for FBA orders

Q: How is the location where my inventory is sent determined?

A: Based on the products & quantity you’re sending and where Amazon wants the items to go.

Q: What did I get with my package?

A: This depends on the package you bought. We have updated documents that describe each package in detail and you can find this information out through the coach or the coaching hotline.

Q: What is the process for changing my coach?

A: The coaching hotline can forward your request to our coaching managers and they can assign you a new coach.

Q: What is capfund, Seed Capital, Average Joe?

A: It is a outside funding source that can help provide you with capital for your business.

Q: Where can I access the manifest for a breakdown of what products were included in the package?

A: The bonus department can find out from the supplier that fulfilled your order to get you a manifest and he’ll email it over to you. Email Bonus.product@fbastores.com

Q: Is there a .csv or .xsl file available to upload products in bulk on Amazon?

A: Yes you can bulk upload products and we have a video on the FBA Members Area for you to watch to learn how to do that.

Q: What's a realistic range for income a student can expect to generate in the first 90 days?

A: This is dependent on the amount of product you purchase which will result in how much profit you make on a weekly and monthly basis. You are in complete control of how much you can make and the great part about this business is it only costs $40/mo to keep your store open.

Q: What's the best way for the student to schedule a coaching session? Will this send the coach an automatic notification of the event?

A: Email your coach and they will provide you with a calendar of what times he has available to meet with you.

Q: The package mentions it comes with ungating in 2 category. What categories do they ungate me in and do I get to pick?

A: You want to contact support@categoryapproved.com and they can assist you with ungating. You do get to pick so just tell them which categories you want to pick

Q: I need to make a payment, how do I do that?

A: Call 800-554-8495 or email alma.kelly@fbastores.com

Q: Can you provide me with a receipt for what I've paid?

A: The accountng department can email it to you.

Q: My coach missed a call or won’t respond what now?

A: Call the coaching hotline

Q: Can I change my coach?

A: We can submit your change of coach request to the coaching department and they’ll contact you within 24-48 hours with a new coach.

Q: How do I contact Amazon?

A: You can log into your amazon seller central and click on the Contact Us link and select the tax settings and it gives you the option to call into amazon

Q: How to send a pre-paid shipping label to a customer?

A: We have video on the FBA Members Area that will walk you through how to do it.

Q: How to remove negative feedback?

A: You want to file a feedback removal request. We have video on the FBA Members Area that will walk you through how to do it.

Q: How do I get the buy box more?

A: Price, Feedback score, FBA & Quantity are the 4 deciding factors of who wins more buy box time.

Q: What should I bring to the event?

A: Computer & a notepad.

Q: Do I need a resale certificate, tax ID

A: Most suppliers will ask for your resale certificate when you’re filling out their application. You can use your social security number if you don’t have a tax ID

Q: Will I need boxes and labels

A: Yes because you will eventually ship products to amazon. You want to find free boxes at local retail stores that throw them away and purchase labels on eBay

Q: Do I need to set up a company or LLC, etc?

A: Yes you will need an entity setup before the end of the year and we can get you over to our tax & entity specialists if you’d like us to. Let your coach know you’re looking for this information.

Q: Why was this product sent to my house?

A: Either you pulled it back to one of our warehouses from your amazon store or you had product sent to us without notifying us that you wanted Fulfillment by Adam to fulfill it.

Q: What time are Tuesdays with Adam?

A: 3pm every week just some weeks it’s on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Q: Why are the daily deals not updated?

A: We only update them when we find deals. It’s best to contact your supplies or build a rolodex of suppliers that you can purchase from and stay in contact with them every couple days to see what product you can purchase from them.

Q: Can I really make money doing this?

A: Absolutely we have hundreds of students all around the world selling and making money

Q: When will I hear from my coach?

A: You will hear from your coach within 5 business of signing up. If it’s been 5 days then i will get your coach to contact you within the next 24 hours.

Q: What do I do my Amazon account got suspended?

A: We work with a suspension department www.acctrescue.com and they can help you get reinstated. Contact support@acctrescue.com and they’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.